Wodapalooza 2016: Beaches, Fitness, And Free Nanos

Crossfit Fitness wodapalooza Wodapalooza 2015 Wodapalooza 2016 WZA 2016

  2015 Wodapalooza Highlight Reel from TheWodapalooza on Vimeo.     What do you get when you combine the top fitness athletes, the Florida sun, and a bit C4? Wodapalooza 2016 - Florida's Premire Fitness comp presented by Progenex & Reebok. While majority of the fitness community won't be throwing down, you can still experience the scene with great technique seminars, good food, community, and bumpin music. If that's not enough, register to volunteer and score a free pair of nano's and get a behind the scene look and experience into what it takes to throw one heck of a...

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A Champions Mind: Katrin Davidsdottir Shares Her Journey To Wining The 2015 Crossfit Games Title

2015 Crossfit Games Crossfit Crossfit Games Fat Tony iTunes Katrin Davidsdottir Podcast The Expansion Project World's Fittest Woman

You probably seen Fat Tony's photos all over Instagram highlighting the world of functional fitness. Well now he gets behind the mic with the 2015 Women's Crossfit Games Champion, Katrin Davidsdottir, to talk about what it took to get to the Crossfit games as well as other little know facts about the sport of functional fitness. (Click Here to Listen On iTunes) You can find more of Fat Tony's interviews on his podcast, The Expansion Project.

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The Ence Trainer By Nobull

Brooke Ence Crossfit Crossfit Games NOBULL NOBULLPROJECT The Ence Trainer

A clean aesthetic look meets superior functionality in the Ence Trainer by NOBULL. This shoe is the brands first signature shoe designed for and tested by Brooke Ence. This shoe is wrapped from heel to toe in Super Fabric, an extremely durable, breathable, lightweight water resistant upper that even boasts protection in knife fights and zombie attacks. It's minimal yet versatile design allows it to be utilized indoors and outdoors, without compromising comfort. Preorders for this sneaker, for men and women, are available via NOBULL, and ship October.

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Grid TV: Behind the Grid Ep.5

Behind The Grid Ep. 5 Crossfit Grid League Grid TV New York Rhinos NPGL

  The NPGL takes you being the scenes in the lives of two rookie grid athletes Lindsay Marshall and Brandy Richardson of the New York Rhinos. Click Here for the full video.

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Reebok Nano 5.0 Unboxing & Review

AMRAP Crossfit Crossfit Games JoelXFit Nano 5.0 Reebok

The man that has more reviews than Rich Froning has Crossfit games titles, Joel Te of AMRAP, brings you an unboxing and review of the Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0. For the full review click here.    

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