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     This post has been something that has been a long time coming.  The last few weeks, we've been quite on the social front, with trying to get a new site redesigned, and managing all other aspects of life. But I think this post is more than necessary to stop and get it all down on and share with people that have been apart with helping us grow.

Who are we?

     Primed Force, is a brand/webshop that, David Gora, started earlier this year. I currently run it part time single handedly while working my two day jobs as well as finishing up my Bachelors Degree. So needless to say most days time is of the essence. Simply put, were a Mom And Pop shop, or more of just a Pop Shop.

     Basically I got exposed to the world of crossfit a year earlier thanks to a friend/trainer and had been hooked ever since, later that year I decided to make the venture into laying down the foundations for Primed Force in hopes to start a company that would be transparent, made for and by the community, and not rip people off on supplementing their active lifestyle.

     I didn't want the company to be another faceless brand/company that people had no face or connection with other than the fact that high paid celebrities were on their team so they must be reputable. Because let's face it, if you've got deep pockets for marketing it doesn't take much to convince people that XYZ works. (Affiliate Marketing 101)


Who's The Team?

     Like I mentioned earlier, Primed Force HQ is a one man show, order processing, customer service, marketing, sales, etc. is all run by me, David Gora, aka The Head Of State. That being said, the team is obviously on the small scale of things, currently running from a home office, laptop, mobile devices, pretty much the office moves wherever there is an internet connection and bullet proof coffee.This company is grassroots in all efforts, all our dollars come from "The Team" no outside funding or angel investors. We essentially are funded by the Fitness Community basically the real extension of our team.

But You Guys Seem Bigger Than This...

     If you found us through our Instagram account (@Primed_Force, Follow Us) than it may seem like we are a huge brand, which has it's pluses and minuses. We'd like to convey to you that we are reputable, that because of our follower count, you should shop with us. But let's face it, it's a number, it's marketing, it doesn't necessarily represent the organization outside of the fact that people think we are really cool.

     This means that we get a lot of inquiries from people wanting free gear, supplements, sponsorships etc. But let's face it there's no such thing as a free lunch...

We sponsor athletes that backed us first. Justin, was one of our first customers, he took a chance with us, so we took a chance with him. A sponsorship is in essence a partnership.

So Why This Blog Post?

     Basically, I wanted to shed light on this brand, and the status of this company, given that we are still only 7 months old. We have grown some, but we are still ironing out the kinks and trying to keep the ball rolling. We want to be upfront with our community, because without the community there is no Primed Force. Your feedback and essentially your dollars help us to grow, and in return we want to make sure that we provide you with products, events, and content you like. If we decline an invitation to an event, it's not because we don't want to throw a crazy party, but because we just aren't at that point yet, if we decline a sponsorship, it's not because we don't think your an amazing athlete, but chances are we aren't ready to add on another athlete yet.

So Where Are We Now?

So the last few months, we've been working on trying to find the best solution for shipping. UPS shipping is sort of hard to nail down in respects of what to actually charge. I want to make sure that we always have affordable shipping on products. A lot of companies will only charge a flat rate $5 dollars, but to be quite honest, they are losing tons of money. We got caught off guard with the actual amount shipping would cost to ship a lot of the product, but that is a mistake we now know we need to fix. We are looking at various options on how to balance affordable shipping and not losing money on shipping. So we might update you every once in awhile with emails if your on our news letter.


Signing off for now,

David G.

Primed Force HQ

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