2014 Holiday Holiday Gift Guide For Guys

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide For Guys

 Whether it's push-ups for time or max out Friday, having tough and comfortable gear can make or break a PR. Check out our list for the best gifts for your favorite favorite athlete, or for yourself.


 1. Life AsRX: American Barbell Ragland-$34 



This raglan is made from 100% combed ring-spun cotton in honor of Veterans Day. While not guaranteed to give you a faster Murph Time, we're sure it'll make you look like a monster doing it. Click Here to preorder yours.


 2. Caffeine & Kilos: Dead Presidents Hustle Hard Beanie-$25 

Whether your on your way to the gym, or just traveling through cold weather, keep your lid warm with the Dead Presidents Beanie by Caffeine & Kilos. Hustle here and slam some PRs.


  3. Inov-8 FF Zip Up Hoodie-$80 


Perfect for for those cold day's when your out on a jog, or when it takes just a little longer to warm up for your next work out. This hoodie features ribbed cuffed sleeves with thumb holes and a fleece lined inner. It's also light weight but guaranteed to hold up on your next adventure. This hoodie is only available from Rogue Fitness. Click here to grab one just in time for the holidays.


 4. Casio Men's CA53W Calculator Watch-$15 


 4. Casio CA53W Calculator Watch-$15 


Sometimes you just need something that'll help you get the job done. The Casio Calculator watch does just that. Sometimes when you've hit the weightlifter's high, counting and converting kilos to pounds isn't as easy as stacking plates. This little guy will come in handy on those day's where you use want to lift or track your 5k time, get your's here.


 5. STR/KE MVMNT: Mobil Sweat Pant-$85 

The Mobil Sweat Pant by Strike Movement is equal parts good looking and functional. With pockets, mesh crotch for movability, and 50/50 cotton-fleece combo, these sweats will make you look and feel like a smooth, sophisticated, wod crushing animal. Get yours here.


 6. Miir Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle-Starting at $28 



Bullet proof coffee? Going on a long hike in the rain? Keep your liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours with the Miir Vaccum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Not only is it eco friendly, but for every bottle purchased, a person in another country gets a years worth of clean  fresh water. Talk about bringing fitness to the masses. Click here to stay hydrated and help out someone in need.


 7. Caveman Coffee Co. : Black Diamond SIngle Origin Coffee-Starting At $19 

Single origin, single estate, and single family coffee. What does that mean? High quality coffee, that's what. Black Diamond is a bold dark roast coffee with a nutty woodsy flavor. Click here to get brewing.


 8. Rogue Fitness: Kettlebells-Starting At $22.07 

If it says Rogue, you already know it's high quality and long lasting. These bad boys are matte black, powder coat finished, iron ore sourced bundles of joy, perfect for outfitting your home gym. Stuck at home or at the office? Get a quick workout in with a a pair of these kettlebells here.


 9. Field Notes: Pitch Black Memo Book- $9 

why waste time trying to remember your last workout? The Field Notes brand memo books are perfect for keeping track of your workouts or any other things you need to remember for the day. They are small enough to fit in your back pocket or tossed in your gym bag. These are available in packs of three here.


 10. King Kong Apparel: The Original King Kong Bag 3.0 

With heavy-duty 1000D nylon construction, a compartment for holding shoes, a pouch specifically designed to hold mobility tools, all backed by a 25 year defective workmanship warranty, We're not sure if there is any other bag you would need to hold the days essentials. Perfect for traveling cross country, or just traveling back and forth from the gym. get your bag here from King Kong Apparel.


 11. Stance Socks: Baseline Fusion Sock-$18 

Mesh Vents and moisture wicking fabric make these an almost necessity during your next workout. Guaranteed to cradle your feet and provide support so your feet don't slide around in your shoes. Pick up a pair here.


 12. Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 

Probably one of if not the best training shoes on the market right now. There are a lot of "trainers" out there, but not a lot of them take into consideration the heavy lift that require a more stable sole. Great for running, lifting heavy, and relaxing in these shoes are ideal for the cross fitter, heck athlete serious about their fitness. Get your's here.


 13. Reveletics: Carbon Fiber Speed Rope-$39 


Coming in at roughly $40, the revletics carbon fiber speed rope, boasts to be the most light weight ultimate speed rope. The Rope itself features anti curl, nylon with a galvanized steel inner. The handles are made of true carbon fiber, no cheap sticker covered handles. if this isn't enough to sell you, check out JoelXfit's review here, or you can pick your's up here.


 14. Chris Moore's Get Change-$9 

Chris Moore of Barbell Shrugged's latest book: Get Change. For any weightlifter, cross fitter, athlete, heck anyone looking for a good read you gotta check this book out. Chris' way of story telling ends up feeling for like a conversation with an old friend, making it an easy read bound to challenge your perspective on life and lifting. Pick up your copy today!


 15. Nutriforce Sports: NutriWhey (Coffee Flavored)-$32.99 


Hands down one of the best tasting protein powders on the market. Nutriforce Sports Nutriwhey is guaranteed to aid in recovery after a hard workout session. Packed with 170 calories, 23 grams of protein, and 8 grams of carbs, toss in some coconut milk and you've got yourself one heck of an iced coffee recovery protein drink. Available here in our shop.

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