Top 5 Online Crossfit Programs (Free & Paid)

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Trying to find the perfect workout program can be extremely frustrating. And if you’ve tried putting together your own you know how time consuming  the process can be. Well stop wasting time and get back to improving your fitness with our list of the best online workout programs. Whether you are a casual lifter or looking to become the next Rich Froning, each one of these programs is designed to be effective in helping  you reach your fitness goals.


1.Move Skill |

Cost: $10/month Plus Free 30 Day Trial

Why We Like Moveskill: Moveskill seems to have everything you would want in an online programming site. They have various levels for the prescribed workout of the day, in case you want to scale the movements. Each workout includes a dynamic workout, strength and skills section, as well as a recovery component. It’s a program that is very adaptable no matter what level of fitness background you come from. The site includes an online forum as well as a movement video library for help and referencing. Another awesome fact about this site is that they were started by Level 4 Crossfit Seattle, the first crossfit affiliate in the world.


2.Invictus |

Cost: Free

Why We Like Invictus Blog: If you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, the Invictus training blog, might be just for you. Invictus provides three sets of workouts for each day, general fitness, performance, and competition. The cool thing about Invictus is the fact that despite being a gym that trains high level athletes, they provide their programs for others to use at no cost. You might run into trouble if you don’t have the same equipment, but regardless you will still find that their programming is on the elite level, just ask Josh Bridges and Lauren Fisher.


3.Power Athlete HQ |

Cost: Free-$50/Month

Why We Like Power Athlete HQ: Power Athlete HQ, has a strong emphasis on producing explosive, powerful athletes; which can be attributed to John Welbourn former NFL defensive player. After spending 9 years as a professional athlete John retired and  went on to create the Crossfit Football Program, another power athlete program under the Power Athlete HQ banner. If you're looking to increase your athletic performance, this program will without a doubt take you to the next level.


4.Dogtown Crossfit |

Cost: Free (Individualized Programing Available At Cost)

Why We Like The Dogtown Crossfit Blog: With over 4 decades of training experience, Dogtown Crossfit offers their daily wods available online for free. While it may not get you to the crossfit games, you can rest assured that their knowledge behind programming is very much centered and balanced program in terms of strength, mobility, and work capacity. What really shows added proof is their ability to churn out great athletes, i.e. Dusty Hyland, co-owner works with both games competitors Noah Ohlsen and Lindsey Valenzuela.


5.FYF Training |

Cost: Free-$275

Why We Like The FYF Training Blog: Crossfit Soul is home to FYF Training, a program that is designed to develop athletes for the sport of fitness. It’s definitely a program for more experienced athletes in that the daily posted workouts include both Am and PM sessions. The workouts are designed around 4-6 week cycles that allow for peak performance at events like the crossfit games and other major fitness competitions. FYF also does emphasize that while they main site workouts are highly effective, they encourage athletes eventually shift to a more personalized program to allow for optimal performance.


While this is not an exhaustive list of all the online programs available, we feel that this list covers some of the best available in terms of program features. Always make sure that whatever program you chose, you work with someone who can review your movements and make sure they can correct any possible movement issues.


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